Parent Orientation UPDATE

Here are the topics discussed during the Parents’ Orientation held Friday, August 18, 2017:

  • Students whose uniforms have been issued  and will start wearing the school uniform on Tuesday, August 22.
  • Please send the following through your child on or before August 25:
    • For transferees: PSA Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, 2 x 2 ID pictures and School Records .
    • For Old and New Students: 
    • 2 x 2 ID Pictures
    • Complete  and properly labeled School Supplies as listed in the requirements
    •  Hygiene Kits with all items properly labeled.
  • Parents/Guardians/Yayas  of  the Preschool  and Grade School pupils will no longer  be allowed to enter the school building starting Tuesday, August 22.
  • All the books and textbooks must be covered and labeled by Tuesday.
  • Fill in all the pertinent information in the Student Handbook of your child.
  • All entries in the Student Handbook must be signed daily.
  • Please read all the rules and guidelines in the Student Handbook.
  • All Junior High students will undergo a Mandatory DRUG TEST as required by DepEd.
  • Students must be brought to school by 7:45 and fetched no later than 15 minutes after Dismissal Time.
  • Please AVOID PARKING ALONG THE ROAD for long periods and instead observe the DROP/FETCH AND GO scheme when bringing and fetching your child in observance of the Anti-Obstruction Ordinance to facilitate the smooth flow of vehicles in fron of the School.
  • Picture Taking for the School ID cards will be on Wedenesday, Augusr 23.
  • For further queries and concerns, you may contact us at 446-2897 (Main Office, Grades 1 – 4 ); 424-7804 ( Preschool Department ) or  send a text message to +639338774846 ( please identify yourself) .

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