Our Mission


PHASES LEARNING CENTER is operated and maintained as a progressive non-sectarian private school, providing curriculum in the English language. The paramount aims of the school have been to establish for its students the highest possible standard of education within the scope of the facilities available to meet the unusual requirements of individual students and to maintain high-education standards and practices based on new development and discoveries in the various academic disciplines and within the prescribed BERCHILD INTEGRATED CURRICULUM.

Preschool Age Cut-off

We are ow accepting reservations for the Pre-Kinder class for school year 2017-2018 which is limited to 15 slots per year only.  The child must be at least 2 1/2 years old at the time of enrolment and fully toilet trained. Contact us for more information.

Admission Requirements

Hi everyone and thank you for considering Phases Learning Center for your child! Enrollment for the School Year 2016-2017 is ongoing and if you are interested all you will need are the following:

Preschool (Pre-kinder and Kinder):
2 x 2 ID picture
NSO Birth certificate
Immunization Record

Elementary and Junior High School:

Assessment Test
2 x 2 ID picture
NSO Birth certificate
Immunization Record
Certificate of Good Moral
Form 138-A

* For foreigners, please present your ACR.

Parent Orientation UPDATE

Here are the topics discussed during the Parents’ Orientation held Friday, August 18, 2017:

  • Students whose uniforms have been issued  and will start wearing the school uniform on Tuesday, August 22.
  • Please send the following through your child on or before August 25:
    • For transferees: PSA Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, 2 x 2 ID pictures and School Records .
    • For Old and New Students: 
    • 2 x 2 ID Pictures
    • Complete  and properly labeled School Supplies as listed in the requirements
    •  Hygiene Kits with all items properly labeled.
  • Parents/Guardians/Yayas  of  the Preschool  and Grade School pupils will no longer  be allowed to enter the school building starting Tuesday, August 22.
  • All the books and textbooks must be covered and labeled by Tuesday.
  • Fill in all the pertinent information in the Student Handbook of your child.
  • All entries in the Student Handbook must be signed daily.
  • Please read all the rules and guidelines in the Student Handbook.
  • All Junior High students will undergo a Mandatory DRUG TEST as required by DepEd.
  • Students must be brought to school by 7:45 and fetched no later than 15 minutes after Dismissal Time.
  • Please AVOID PARKING ALONG THE ROAD for long periods and instead observe the DROP/FETCH AND GO scheme when bringing and fetching your child in observance of the Anti-Obstruction Ordinance to facilitate the smooth flow of vehicles in fron of the School.
  • Picture Taking for the School ID cards will be on Wedenesday, Augusr 23.
  • For further queries and concerns, you may contact us at 446-2897 (Main Office, Grades 1 – 4 ); 424-7804 ( Preschool Department ) or  send a text message to +639338774846 ( please identify yourself) .